Collection: Anklets

Cute boho anklets from Beachside Bunny go with just about everything. You’ll find varieties with beads, coins, infinity signs and even string detailing. Anklets are some of the most popular accessories to wear on the beach or by the pool. They can be a significant enhancement to your look and are always secure on your feet. They won’t slip or slide off when you are wet and the metals are resistant to sunscreen, sand and salt water.

Each of our anklets is sold as a single piece so you have full creative expression to mix and match different styles on each ankle, or just buy a matching pair that will complement other body jewelry pieces you may have as part of your look. You can also get creative and move one to your wrist or use it as a hair accessory.

Silver anklets and gold anklets can both highlight and lengthen your legs, even if you're barefoot. They can stay on through almost anything, making them that “statement” piece of jewelry that you are known for, especially during the summer months. Our anklet bracelets range in style from simple and straightforward to a little more intricate and substantial. You can get ones that go around your ankle once, twice, or go all the way up to your knees. Click through to each one and have a closer look.