Jade Boho Ankle Bracelet

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  • Style: Bohemia
  • Metal Type: Zinc Alloy
  • Material: Rhinestone
  • Color: Silver
  • Length: 200 mm

The Jade Boho Ankle Bracelet adds a little glam to your look for any beach day, wedding, or a few hours by the pool. 

Simple lines to the toe make it both elegant and extremely comfortable. The lines give way to draping chains around the ankle, an extremely flattering look that keeps the anklet in place. These all connect at a central swirl of metal, which allows them to move independently and sit more comfortably on your feet. At the back, there’s a lobster clasp where you can customize the fit and adjust the draping to your personal style. The jade diamond shape near the top adds a pop of color with a durable stone that can easily go into salt water or chlorine.

In order to keep the stone and metal in top shape, make sure to store this boho ankle bracelet in a carrier and away from other jewelry – it can get easily tangled. If you do wear it into the water or with tanning oil, make sure to clean it thoroughly after use.

Whether you want to dress up a simple pair of heels or add some flair to your bare feet, this Jade Ankle Bracelet is a certain winner wherever you take it.