Collection: Beach Bags

What’s in your beach bag? When you have to carry sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, games, a towel, your cover up, jewelry, a book, some water, a snack, lotion, tanning oil, and whatever else you can throw into beach totes, you need a bag that can seriously handle it.

You have to choose the bags that are right for you – straw bags tend to be lighter and easier to carry, whereas beach totes have more space for all of your things. Either way, the beach bags, beach totes, and straw bags from Beachside Bunny are cute, convenient, and will last for many, many beach seasons. You’re bound to find one that matches your personal style, your bikini, and maybe even a few of your summer outfits.

Make sure to look at the type of closure that you will get with each bag, the inside and the compartments available, and the handle type. Whether you want to go traditional with straw bags or you want to go with one of our more modern beach totes, the possibilities are limitless. Just make sure you have a bag that is big enough to hold your stuff, comfortable enough to carry all the way down the sand, and cute enough that you just can't wait to head out that door, beach bound.

Now you just have to figure out who you're going to bring along and where your adventures will take you.