Heart Eyes Body Chain

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  • Material: Zinc Alloy

  • What makes this body chain so elegant? Its simplicity. The Heart Eyes body chain highlights what you want it to, without taking away from your own natural beauty. It skims the hips in both directions with delicately slender chains that rest lightly against your body, accentuating your curves without detracting from them. The stone in the center connector adds a little beach-chic to the look, featuring either a turquoise stone or white moonstone. This item is available in gold or silver plating, allowing you to update your look daily to coordinate with different swimsuits and outfits. 

    The chains move from along your hips up and around your neck in a graceful movement that is equal parts body chain and sophisticated summer necklace. Additionally, the clasp is located in back, so there's nothing to distract from the subtle beauty of the chain itself. It's a wonderful addition to any swimwear. In addition to being a great accessory to further enhance new beachwear items, you'll also find it's great way to breathe new life into older swimsuits you don't wear as often anymore.