Collection: Bracelets

Beach bracelets are a fun way to add color, shine, and sparkle to your outfits. Think about how often we move our arms during the day – so why don’t more people wear bracelets? They seem to be one of the most underutilized pieces of jewelry, and at Beachside Bunny, we aim to change that.

We have bracelets for women that will match almost any style – from simple bangles in silver or gold to colorful hand bracelets to large charm bracelets. Our beach bracelets are ready to be worn, stacked, layered, and paired with items that you already have. We have a great selection in silver and gold, as well as a few options in resins and acrylics. Some of our bracelets are stretch whereas others secure in the back with a clasp.

Even better, some of our bracelets can be used as anklets or other accessories, so you don’t have to limit them to just your wrist. Make sure to click through some of the different styles and options, especially on the silver cuffs where you'll see truly exquisite, fine detailing.

Whether you are looking for unique bracelets that none of your friends will have, conversation starting boho bracelets, or fun beach bracelets that will withstand the sun and sand, Beachside Bunny has a beautiful collection to choose from.