Jasna Bangle Bracelet

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  • Metal Type: Zinc Alloy
  • Colors: Gold, Silver, Black, Rose Gold

Bangle bracelets are a lot of fun, but let’s be honest about how long we keep them: not very long. Bangle bracelets are thin and bendable, which means they easily get lost, are left behind on vacation, and even thrown away without knowing that you are doing it. Of course, you can always buy more but that means you are just shelling out more money. 

Or, you can invest in a bangle bracelet that is smarter. The Jasna Bangle Bracelet looks like three separate bangle bracelets, but they all come together in the back. It's extremely easy to put on as well thanks to the flexibility factor. You will be able to move it up and down your arm easily. At the back, they meet with a great studded end so that there isn’t anything picking you.

The overall look of this bangle bracelet is geometric because of the peaks and valleys on the bangle. Not only does it make this particular bangle unique, it allows you to add even more bangles (like the odds and ends from the sets you’ve bought in the past) without obscuring the beauty of this piece. There are plenty of options, you only have to think and look into your jewelry box to find different designs for your arms.

Available in gold, silver, or black, you can pair this with another Jasna bangle in the same color, another Jasna bangle in another color, or the bracelets of your choice for that layered look. Whatever you choose, you are going to love the look at feel of this bangle in all kinds of looks.