Pili Silver Cuff

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  • Metal Type: Zinc Alloy

Having a great collection of silver cuffs means that you will always be able to find something that really matches with your style for the day. Even better, layering them is beautiful. Still, you want to have silver cuffs that are a little unique and customizable. That’s why the Silver Cuffs are so popular: they are fully adjustable, unique, and crafted for long term wear. Each one has its own style and feel, but they are similar enough that layering is easy.

You can have your choice of what you want your silver cuff to look like: one has a dragon design, two ha a knotted feel to it, three has hieroglyphics on it, four is a little more feminine with a floral design, five has two elephants holding trunks surrounded by other elephants, style six is a little more plain with a simple chevron design, eight has a more intricate design of a dragon and a phoenix of sorts, eight has a simple floral design, nine has the different animals that make up Chinese astrology, and ten has two fish surrounding a lotus flower. Look through them and find the ones that speak to you!

Pick and choose the ones that speak to you or the ones that make an impression. Each one has protective and metaphysical meanings that allow you to protect yourself and ground you. Of course, they’d also make great gifts for friends because of how unique they are – you can each wear one and still be unique.