Souban Bohemian Bracelet

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Let’s just get it out into the open: one of the best ways to show off a summer look is by layering amazing bracelets on each arm. However, it can be difficult to really get a unique and funky look when so many bracelets are the same width, especially bohemian bracelets.

The Souban Bohemian Bracelet is different because it is thick and flexible at the same time, making it the perfect accompaniment to your bangles, charm bracelets, and the wristband from the latest summer festival. Though it is thick, there is separation between each segment so that you can stay comfortable and won’t overheat. The back has a chain enclosure both for comfort and so that you can move this bohemian bracelet up and down your arm with ease.

With a half of a mandala shape on either side of the bracelet, you’ll see that the middle has some great detailing, but it is also quite simple. Little carvings and some variation in the finish make this interesting and fun without taking away from any other jewelry you are wearing. In fact, this is the perfect accent piece for any other type of bracelet you want to wear. Of course, it is also special enough that you can wear it on its own without worrying about being too boring.

Available in gold and silver, the antique finish makes this look like something you bought at an estate sale while you were traveling – and that is exactly what you can tell people.

  • Material: Zinc Alloy