Tatara Charm Bracelet

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  • Metal Type: Zinc Alloy
  • Color: Silver

The unique shapes on this charm bracelet are what makes it special. There are a lot of charms here, no matter how tight or loose you wear this. That means you’ll get the full benefit of a great charm bracelet: movement, texture, and volume. 

Each charm has a flower on it, which brings it that cutesy, youthful style that charm bracelets represent. The triangles are a bit blunted so that the charms are comfortable as they move against your arm. There is one unique disc at the back that helps you to size the charm bracelet, whether you want it larger or smaller. This allows you to move it up your arm or even to wear it on your ankle. Since it goes so small, you can even use it to accentuate a ponytail or a bun! The disc has a unique design and carving on it from the triangles, which is something you often find in more bohemian jewelry.