Mehul Bay Mesh Cover Up

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  • One size fits all
  • Material: Cotton, Polyester

One of the trendiest looks of the season is the criss-crossed v-neck that laces up. It is flattering on every figure and can be tightened or loosened to fit your own personal style. This mesh cover up, the Mehul Bay Mesh Cover Up, follows that trend and expands on it. Many cover ups don’t work for women who have larger chests because they distort the pattern, but this mesh cover up allows you to show as much cleavage as you want. You can even take the tie out if you want to get a wider neck!

Just long enough to cover your swimming suit, it is extremely no muss, no fuss. You don’t have to worry about it dragging on the sand or blowing away because it is so light weight. It is really a fantastic blend of everything that a mesh cover up needs to be.

The design on the mesh cover up is very avant garde and doesn’t really have a rhyme or a reason. Instead, it is a unique and abstract pattern that looks great from every angle. Still, it has a nautical feel that comes from the netlike knit of the fabric. It is actually made from a cotton and polyester blend so it won’t become misshapen and will last for quite a long time. 

If you don’t want something that you have to fuss with every morning before you hit the beach, consider the Mehul Bay Mesh Cover Up as your go to this season.