Long Sheer Cover Up
Steliss Long Sheer Cover Up-White
Steliss Long Sheer Cover Up-White

Steliss Long Sheer Cover Up

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  • Material: Cotton, Polyester

These cotton and lace long sheer cover up is a unique design that takes your swimming suit and upgrades it. Even if you have a simple single-colored one piece, the Steliss Long Sheer Cover Up will look fantastic. One of the few cover ups that will seamlessly mold to whatever swimming suit you have, it looks great and feels comfortable. This is a unique dress because it combines the structure and rigidity of lines, which elongate your body and make you look even taller. Add to that the femininity of the flowers and you get the perfect ensemble for the beach.

This is a longer dress, but it will look great on girls tall and small. The sleeves are flowy but only go down to about mid arm, so you will have completely movement for that hot dog eating contest or to read your favorite book.

If you are the type of girl who likes to look feminine and flirty but still get down and dirty, this long sheer cover up is for you. The material offers stretch so that you can run, jump, and play but the shape is extremely classic and flows. Even the neckline was designed to show off your face, perfectly framing your tousled summer girls and that glow we get only during the warmer months. Since it is open, put on some glitter or some highlighter and shine throughout the day.

When you put on a pair of gladiator sandals or a great bohemian knit sandal, you will complete this fun, feminine, and flirty look.

Steliss Long Sheer Cover Up-White