Sunrise Swimsuit Cover Up

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  • Material: Cotton, Polyester

Finding the perfect swimsuit cover up that will match all of your bikinis, one pieces, monokinis, and whatever else is on the market can be hard. It seems like nothing works with each one. Well, the Sunrise Swimsuit Cover Up does. The simplistic design and white color means that you will feel comfortable in any swimming suit. With a few accessories or additions, this swimsuit cover up will change to fit your fashion sense as well – whether it is formal, simple, bohemian, or cutesy.

You don’t substitute ease of use and comfort for style, however. The v-neck in the front dips low, making the fit of the swimming swimsuit more comfortable. The cut of the sleeves allows for movement and comfort as well. Slip your arms inside for a coverup while you snooze in the sun or build a sandcastle with freedom of movement. 

While this is oversized and fits many bodies, the embroidery on the front and all along the edges does provide some structure and gives your body shape. Up the sides, there are slits to allow for a peek for skin and a look at your swimming suit underneath. Still, if you are looking for a swimsuit cover up that provides maximum coverage for your body, this is the one.

This season, it is all about mixing together the functional and the fashionable, and that have never been more apparent than with the Sunrise Swimsuit Cover Up.