Fashion Cadet Army Cap

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  • Material: Cotton, Polyester
  • Pattern Type: Solid

Looking for a fatigue chic way to dress up your outfit this summer? If you are looking for something in a muted color that will keep the sun out of your eyes, consider this Fashion Cadet Army Cap. This is a look that has been in style forever and will always add a little something to your look, especially when paired with the right outfit. Army caps are fun and functional, allowing you to play dress up just a little bit in your daily life. However, it doesn’t look like a costume or like you are disrespecting actual members of the military. That is a fine line we have to walk, and this does it perfectly. 

Some of the details include studding, which is distressed like the rest of the hat but still adds just a little bit of a feminine touch to it. There is also a zipper (it really works – but you probably can’t store anything in it) which gives some movement to the overall cap and look. Around the zipper, the distressing and fraying adds texture that you don’t often find on a hat.

Even though this army cap looks like it has been through a lot, it is still well-made and will last for quite some time. Even better, as you wear it, it will start to naturally wear and distress how your head does it, giving you a personalized look. 

This hat is available in more muted colors like army green, gray, brown, beige, and black.