Lacey Baseball Cap

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Mixing the masculine and the feminine together is the perfect way to build up a wardrobe that defies expectations. That’s exactly what this lace baseball cap will do for you – get the utilitarian qualities of a baseball cap with the feminine touches of lace.

Take the masculinity of the hard lines of a baseball hat – traditionally worn by baseball players and truckers, two professions that are classically male (though we are definitely making strides into them, ladies!). A baseball cap is used for a few different reasons – and all things that we need. They protect your face from the sun, both from getting sunburn and so that you don’t have to squint when outside; they help to keep you cool during the hotter months, and they cover up a bad hair day. 

The lace is a unique touch that makes this hat a great option for a girl who wants to soften that look. These lace baseball caps are still flexible so that they’ll fit almost all head sizes and will be comfortable with different hairstyles. As an added bonus, the lace keeps the hat lighter and airier, meaning you won’t have to worry about sweating. It also tends to be a little gentler on your hair, so you don’t have to worry about hat head.

Want to look cute but still on-trend when you go that baseball game? Consider this lace baseball cap – you’ll reach for it far more often than you think.

  • Material: Polyester