Queen Denim Baseball Cap

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  • Material: Cotton
  • Pattern Type: Solid

Want to remind people who you are without even opening your mouth? The Queen Denim Baseball Cap is a fantastic way to do that. Show off your crown proudly, even if you are just taking your dog for a walk around the block.

Denim is a unique material for a baseball cap, but it makes it even more useful. Since denim is heavier, it becomes a year-round hat. It also makes for a sturdy hat that you will be able to wear forever, no matter what you put it through. The rest of the hat is built for that as well, with strong stitches and high quality materials. But don’t think that this hat is stiff – it is like that favorite pair of jeans you have broken in over the years – soft, supple, and always dependable. This is a denim baseball cap that puts comfort forward and will be a fantastic piece to wear from the first wear to the last.

The crown shape is made out of rhinestones. These will catch the sun wherever you are, showing off your shining fashion sense and personality. They are sporadically placed all over the cap as well, adding to the overall effect. Each rhinestone is placed perfectly and secured firmly.

Going somewhere where you can’t bring your jewelry or favorite form of sparkle? This hat will give you just what you need. The dark blue model allows that crown to stand out while the lighter models make it a little less distinct, but no less cute.