Bianka Gypsy Ring Set

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  • Material: Zinc alloy

Do you like simplicity over too much extra? But you still love the layered jewelry look? This Bianka Gypsy Ring Set is a fantastic option for you then. Available in gold tone and silver tone, these rings are fantastic for layering, wearing on their own, and mixing and matching your own style to create something that is really unique.

These rings really reflect on what the best gypsy rings should have. They are a little bit tarnished and beaten but are still extremely shiny. Gypsy women were known for taking care of their jewelry and showing it off whenever they felt it was safe to do so. You’ll want to show these off whenever you get the chance. Rhinestone and white stone detailing makes this a fantastic option for people who love to mix and match styles. 

Each of these gypsy rings is unique and uses different styles to add to the textural appeal of this gypsy ring set. Each one can be worn by itself and others can be worn close together to create different shapes. Play around and see how they fit onto your fingers and work together to create designs that are unique and beautiful. 

The rings range in size from 2.5 through 9, so it is conceivable that you will be able to ware these rings on every finger and on your thumb as well. Some of them can even double as toe rings – use your imagination and go wild.