Dassine Knuckle Ring Set

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  • Material: Zinc Alloy

Antique jewelry is absolutely gorgeous and can be some of the most unique pieces in our collections - especially this gorgeous knuckle ring set. Did you know that antique jewelry is actually how the midi and knuckle ring trends started? People found rings at estate sales and weren’t able to fit them because women had such small fingers way back when. The rings were so gorgeous that they needed to be worn but were too delicate to be sized up so that people could fit them. The results? Women started wearing the rings higher up on their fingers so that they could still show off their jewels. Of course, generations of women from all over the world have been wearing knuckle rings for years.

Instead of having to dig through bins at an estate sale, getting a knuckle ring set that is prematched and ready to be worn to your next big event is the way to go. Dassine keeps that same artistry and antique style of rings that started this trend and takes them to the next level. While they look delicate, these rings are strong and sturdy so that you can still use your hands while wearing them.

You really get a lot of variety with this knuckle ring set – from plain gold or silver rings to ones with black stones or white additions. This really makes it look like a set that you put together over time instead of something that was easy to buy – but we won’t tell anyone your secret.