Kayna Boho Mandala Ring

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  • Material: Zinc Alloy

There is something special about wearing a really great wide boho ring like the Kayna Boho Mandala Ring. Wide rings feel quite a bit more substantial than other rings, but they have to be made in a precise manner. They have to be created to work with the natural ebb and flow of your fingers. You’ll see that this ring is molded so that it is slightly small in the back, giving you that full range of motion. 

Adorned with three rhinestones across the front, this mandala boho ring has been designed using images from around the world, incorporating shapes, designs, and aesthetics from different cultures and combining it into one powerful ring. The balance and weigh is perfect, allowing you to wear it all day long and not feel like your fingers are lifting weights. 

In a world where you have a busy day and a lot going on, sometimes you just have to sit back and focus on the positivity that something as simple as a mandala can bring. This ring does that and incorporates the boho lifestyle of living each day as if it were the last and striving not to take anything for granted. It is nice to wear this reminder on your finger. Of course, the rest of the world may not see it – they will just see the ring and think of it as a unique expression of your individuality and fashionable style.

Looking for a boho ring that will provide you with strength and look great? The Kayna Boho Mandala Ring is the best option.