Minga Elephant Ring Set

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  • Material: Zinc Alloy

What's cuter than this elephant ring set? These chunky rings are a lot of fun and add some metallic accents to your outfit without being too shiny or attention grabbing. Instead, the focus is all on the little elephant with adorable big ears, a sweet long trunk, and a curling tail.

There are four rings in this set, which you can get in either gold or silver. Each color has a brighter, more vivid color for the designs and then a darker color in the recessed portions of them in order to show off the patterns. This gives the rings a distressed look, but they will stay shiny and clean. Two of the rings have ornate carvings in them that have a geometric design. They reflect the similar carvings on the larger elephant ring. The other ring has a vine design on it that is geometric as well, playing on the natural formations we see every day. All three of the other rings pull lines, shapes, and designs from the African and Indian cultures, where you will see elephants represented more frequently.

It is a unique juxtaposition of themes when you see the thicker, chunkier rings being paired with the elephant, which is typically a symbol of femininity and the woman. You can connect to that while feeling strong and vibrant with this elephant ring set.

Whether you wear them together, apart, or even with other things, the Minga Elephant Ring Set is a must have for anyone who loves elephants and jewelry.