Timea Double Ring with Chain

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  • Material: Zinc Alloy

Love the look of a midi ring but want something that takes it to the next level? This Timea Double Ring with Chain gives you the best of both worlds. You’ll get a ring that you can wear down where you normally would and a midi ring. They are connected by a chain that elongates your finder and creates a unique look that isn’t seen all that often.

The design of this ring allows you to adjust and switch up the way you wear the rings – you can make them smaller or larger depending on the size of your fingers. This makes the rings are extremely good gift as well because they will fit just about everyone. 

They are simplistic and clean, adding to the overall design aesthetic. You don’t want something that is too bulky when you have a chain connecting the rings, or the design will feel uncomfortable and pull in opposite directions. Instead, this ring will work with the way your fingers move and flex throughout the day. Since you can adjust it, there are very few situations in which you won’t be able to wear this ring, making it a fantastic part of your jewelry box. Even just putting the rings closer together will give you a unique look – or put them on two different fingers for a bridge ring look.

Unlike some other rings that span your finger, this ring is extremely comfortable and gives you full motion of your finger, especially for typing and texting.