Wya Bohemian Ring

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  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Color: Silver

Who doesn’t like a good chunky ring to set off a look? The Wya Bohemian Mandala Ring helps to keep you balanced and whole. That’s what a mandala represents. The word “mandala” is from Sanskrit and it means circle, which is reflected in this ring. In fact, many people believe that mandalas are a representation of the universe and its wholeness.

That’s why this bohemian ring has a circular structure on it- it represents that wholeness of a mandala and serves to press your energies into that wholeness. It also evokes the circles we have in our lives: our circle of friends, our circle of family, the university, and our communities. This ring will help you to circle all of your hopes and dreams, unifying your mood and helping you to express yourself fully. Since it is a ring, you will always be able to look down and see it. You will keep your mind focused and your heart open to the world around you.

This is a substantial ring in size, but not in sheen. One of the things it focuses on is being simple and to the point – there aren’t any rhinestones or diamonds to detract from the simplicity and beauty of the mandala shapes. Each way you look at the ring, you will see a different mandala or a different shape that you may not have noticed before. Look closely and you will see flowers, ocean waves, the sun, and even stars.

Wearing this ring is almost like a religious experience.