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Somewhere along the line, beautiful toe rings became extremely hard to find, especially ones that were high quality and could be worn for more than a few weeks. We think that toe rings have a great place in any jewelry box, especially unique toe rings that show off your shoes, your pedicure, and your tan.

Great silver toe rings can be hard to find. If you do, they are often simple bands of pure metal. Our range of silver toe rings has beautiful designs that range from words written out in script to a daisy chain that is dainty.

Unique gold toe rings are even more difficult to find. Still, most of our rings have a gold option as well. This is the perfect color for people who love to show off their tans, have a beautiful pair of gold sandals that they want to accentuate, or just prefer gold jewelry.

When buying toe ring, make sure to find one that will adjust to the side of your toe. This gives you plenty of options of how and where to wear the toe ring – toward the base of your toe or near the tip. You can even switch up what toe you wear them on.

Toe rings are an essential element of a true fashionista's wardrobe. Every inch of our bodies is a moment for fashion, including our toes.

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