Elegance Belly Chain

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Elegance is a subtle but beautiful beach belly chain that can be worn on both pierced and non-pierced bellies for just the right hint of glimmer and shine. It loops around your waist with a delicate double chain, allowing for different styles of wear, making it versatile for all bodies and all swimming suits. Available in gold and silver zinc alloy, the chain beautifully highlights your tan and silhouette while withstanding the surf, sand and suntan lotion. Cleaning is easy with a simple water solution or jewelry cleaner. You can store them pretty much anywhere since they don’t take up too much space. 

The fine chains hang delicately on your body, enhancing your curves without getting in the way. They are lightweight and fine, reducing the risk of tangles and knots. Your belly chain isn't only for the beach! It makes a great addition to any outfit while you’re out and about. Add an element of sparkle and shine to your daily outfit. 

Whether you are poolside or surfside or just out and about, the Elegance belly chain will have a place in almost all of your outfits. You can even layer up with several for more impact!

  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Length: 45-120 cm