Romp Waist Body Chain

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Three is one of the most powerful numbers in the world – it reflects and represents so much in so many cultures and religions. However, the one you are going to be most impressed by is the three chains on either side of the Romp Waist Body Chain. This body chain is made to follow the curves of your waist and hips, accentuating them and showing off what you work hard to maintain. Each chain works independently while still being part of the team, giving you a customized fit each time you wear it – and allowing you to move the waist body chain higher or lower on your body. 

In the center of the waist body chain, there is a dangling diamond-like stone. This stone moves and glimmers in the sun, attracting attention and adding just a little bit of extra sparkle. It’s a fun way to dress up an otherwise boring summer outfit. If positioned correctly, you will have people asking whether it is part of the waist body chain or whether you have your belly button pierced. Consider the possibilities when you pair this with a belly button ring – you’ll be able to work in conjunction with the waist body chain for a look that is uniquely yours.

Three chains will completely change your outlook on the way you look in your bikini or swimming suit this summer. Use it as a way to muster up the courage to go ask out that boy or to strut down the beach in your bikini with no worries.

  • Material: Zinc alloy