Solange Belly Chain

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  • Material: Acrylic
You are far more than one simple thing, so why not buy a belly chain that reflects all that you are deep down? The Solange Belly Chain is a beautifully crafted chain to wear around your hips and stomach to help show off your incredible figure and highlight your tan. This belly chain uses different types of metals and thicknesses to create a unique look that will reflect the multidimensional person that you are.

Each metal chain goes directly to a center fulcrum in the shape of a circle, which is focused on bringing all of your energies to that center point. Still, you can get quite a unique look just by moving that circle around – do you want to wear it right in the center, or should you move the belly chain a little bit more to the left – or the right? Your look will completely change just by sliding it to the left or the right a few inches! You could even wear the fulcrum on your hip to see the difference that makes.

Some of the chains are thicker and stronger while others are dainty. Some have detailing while others are plain and straightforward. Still, they all act together to create a beautiful piece of jewelry that will accentuate your figure and work with a swimming suit, crop top, overtop clothing, or even for just a little hint of shimmer under something sheer.

Each chain is made out of high quality gold or silver alloy with acrylic detailing for the beading.