Collection: Sunglasses

Nothing screams summer quite like a fantastic pair of sunglasses. Really, they are amazing to wear all year around because they can A) cover the dark circles from a long night out with friends; B) allow you to go to the beach in the mornings without feeling self-conscious about a lack of makeup; C) provide a great cover for people watching on the beach; and D) protect the sensitive skin around your eyes from the sun’s rays. When it comes to sunglasses for women, there are plenty of options that fit every style, face shape, and use.

Aviator sunglasses give off that authoritarian vibe that women who work outdoors during the summer may want. Cat eye sunglasses are that retro look that really fits almost any face shape. Mirrored sunglasses are not only great to look at, but they give you another layer of privacy. Flat top sunglasses are the newest trend in sunglasses, and they don’t show any sign of going out of style anytime soon.

Whether you want oversized sunglasses, retro sunglasses, or any other on-trend style, you have a lot to think about. Do you want sunglasses that will match your swimming suit, your cover up, or your favorite pair of summer shorts? Simply put, with so many options for affordable sunglasses for women, there is no need to wear the same pair every day. Our sunglasses are unique and will ensure that you don’t look like every other girl sitting by the pool or on the beach.