Fabulicious Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses

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  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate

A fun and funky play on the traditional look, oversized cat eye sunglasses are unique enough to match with the modern cat eye aesthetic but still look classic. The oversized look protects the sensitive skin around your eyes, eliminating the risk of sunburn and wrinkles. The Fabulicious Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses are just that – absolutely fabulous. The lenses themselves are oversized as is the actual “Cat Eye” shape, elongating your face and highlighting your bone structure.

These sunglasses fit just like other oversized cat eye sunglasses, but they come with a unique twist and touch with the metallic accessories on the bottom of the lens. Inside the metallic circles is a tiny rhinestone that glitters and catches the sunlight, making them perfect for any sunny day. The lenses themselves have a gradual gradient change in some colors, while others are the same shade throughout. They won’t interrupt your sightlines but will instead allow you to showcase a unique style and set yourself apart from everyone else wearing the cat eye trend. The glasses have a comfort piece on the part that goes over the ear, allowing for an all-day-long look. Different lens colors and metals insist on making a statement as well – match them up to your outfit or bikini! 

Get a pair of these oversized cat eye sunglasses in any or all of the colors available (amethyst/silver, brown/gold, blue/silver, pink/gold, or silver/silver) for a style that will match every summer outfit you plan.