Fashionista Women's Wrap Around Sunglasses

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  • Frame Material: Alloy
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate

Do you like to make people talk? Does your style push the boundaries and explore unique colors and shapes? If so the Fashionista Wrap Around Sunglasses might just be the best choice for you. These futuristic look glasses will take you to another world when you wear them.

The wrap around style is one of the most protective styles you can get. Wrap around eyewear has semicircle frames that follow the curves of your head. They give you the widest range of motion for your eyes, not cutting off at the sides like most sunglasses do. This is certainly a sporty look, but it is also quite kicky and cool because of the mirrored lenses. The mirrors help to deflect sunlight away from your eyes and give you a hint of privacy – of course they also add to that spacey look as well.

Not to mention the unique slits near the side where the lenses go beyond the frames. This is a fantastic design touch that helps to change the coloring of the glasses and ensures that you get some light for driving, reading, or just walking safely – but the slits are in a location where you still get full protection.

These frames really play with the line between masculine and feminine, carefully treading the line without crossing it. Go a little more feminine by choosing the pink on pink lenses, or go a little more masculine by choosing blue or silver shades. You truly can’t go wrong with the Fashionista Wrap Around Sunglasses.