Lilya Rectangular Sunglasses

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  • Style: Squre
  • Frame Material: Copper
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate

Serve angles with these Lilya Rectangular Sunglasses. They are high-quality, high-performance sunglasses that are so distinctive that people will turn their heads no matter where you go. Everything form the shape to the lenses to the frames themselves is unique and high quality. Of course, they are lightweight and easy to wear.

Rectangular eyewear, especially rectangular sunglasses, are often characterized by frames that have right angles on all four sides but at wider than they are tall. These in particular are slightly wider at the top as well. The frames convey a sporty and futuristic look, and when paired with the holographic lenses, they appear almost alienlike. Subtle detailing on the edges and on the bridge of the nose break up the design somewhat, making it more approachable. Still, the single lens that continues across your nose is a classic look that keeps the glasses sturdy.

If extremely futuristic isn’t your look, consider going for the one-color options of black on black, brown on brown, or silver on black. These keep that same shape but tone down a little bit of the aggressiveness of the holographic silver pair. All of the glasses have the same details and design, from the small metallic accents to the thin rim around the edges. 

Perfect for round or oval faces, they draw out your cheekbones and the planes of your face. Try subtly moving them up or down on the bridge of your nose to see how the shape of your face changes almost instantly.