Ariana Crochet Beach Cover Up

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  • Material: Polyester
If you are looking for a crochet beach cover up that has smaller holes, the Ariana Crochet Beach Cover Up is the best choice. The dress style looks absolutely gorgeous on all bodies, hugging your curves and highlighting your tan. It is made to skim your body but still move with you thanks to the polyester construction. This one is closed in the back, giving you a bit more sun protection than some other crochet beach cover ups will. The scallop designs on the wrists and bottom give this a nautical feel. Still, it dips in the front to give you that sexiness. Of course, the crochet design throughout does that as well. 

If you are the type of gal who likes to spend time on a boat, this is the perfect cover up for it. The weight of the material, while it isn’t heavy when you wear it, keeps the dress down as you speed through the water. The same thing happens when you’re sitting on a windy beach. Some crochet beach cover ups will fly around, but the Ariana won’t do that. You can put it through just about anything and it’ll stay comfortable.

For a nighttime beach party or just a day with your besties, this dress will fit into your lifestyle. It keeps its shape, whether you throw it into a beach bag, a carry on, or your suitcase. For a clean and functional design that you won’t have to fuss with, there is nothing better than the Ariana Crochet Beach Cover.