Aviyah Long Y Necklace

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  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Colors: Silver, Gold

Do you have a great V-neck dress or shirt that you love to wear but you don’t have the right necklace to pair with it? Consider adding the Aviyah Long Y Necklace to your wardrobe and you will. This necklace is simplistic and sweet.

A long chair is fed through a rectangular bead and around the back of your neck. It comes back through the other side to go through the bead again on the opposite side. The result? A simple yet elegant shape for your favorite V-neck tops. 

Buy the gold long Y necklace for your tops that need some warming up. The gold will light up your face and bring out the natural tans, pinks, and red tones that you have. It is the perfect accompaniment for a great sweater or long sleeved wrap dress.

The silver long Y necklace does the exact opposite – it brings out the cool tones in your skin, like the purples and blues. If you want to cool down your entire look, this is the best option.