Bella Chain Ring

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  • Material: Zinc Alloy

Are you a busy bee? Do you have a lot to do in your daily life? Well, the Bella Chain Ring will cut down on your time spent getting ready because this chain ring will quickly become one of your favorites. High quality and made out of sturdy metal and a delicate chain, the shape and look of the ring is unique and different from what you will see other people wear.

The woman who wears this ring will draw strength from the bee design. Bees represent levels of productivity and continuing to soldier on and work harder for your goals. Still, they know when they have to stop and smell the flowers. Bees represent both sides of that coin and the balance that we all hope to find in our lives. That’s why the other part of this ring is a simple band and the chain draws a line between them, reminding you to find that balance.

Bees play a very specific role in the world, they are absolutely necessary to keep our world going. They pollinate other plants and give us honey. If bees disappear from earth, it is expected that humans won’t be able to survive much longer. 

When you wear this ring, it will make you feel as important as the bees are and encourage you to keep working and moving. Your mission will prevail and you will be able to do whatever you want with fierceness and style – just like a bee does every day.