Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses

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  • Frame Material: Alloy
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate

When someone says something is retro, what is your first impression? For some people, it is the idea that there is a classic shape and style to the piece. That is certainly the case with the Black Cat Retro Sunglasses. But what makes these retro cat eye sunglasses so fantastic?

Perhaps it is the shape, which mimics the fiercest flick you’ve ever had with your eyeliner. There’s a reason we draw this shape onto our faces every day: it makes our face shape change and draws out our best features. Even better, the sheer size of these retro cat eye sunglasses helps to conceal your eyes and offer you a bit of privacy when you’re in public. 

Or maybe it is the shading on the lenses, which is classic and modern at the same time. This really brings the sunglasses into the modern light, you probably wouldn’t find these on true retro sunglasses. Still, it makes for easier transitions throughout the day and enables you to do whatever you want while wearing the glasses: drive, text on your phone, stay in the ocean, or even have a picnic. Your eyes aren’t completely covered so they are appropriate for every event.

Or maybe it could just be because these sunglasses are made to last. You are making an investment into your wardrobe’s future, seamlessly blending today’s top looks with a style that never really fades. If retro cat eye sunglasses are your calling, these are definitely the pair to choose.