Breeze Chiffon Cover Up

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  • Material: Cotton, Polyester

Go for the element of surprise with the Breeze Chiffon Sheer Cover Up. This chiffon cover up is easy and breezy to put on or take off when you go to the beach. This lightweight cover up is a striking pattern that you don’t often see on the beach. It mutes your swimming suit a little bit, so it will match with whatever you wear. Even better, the stripes are flattering and funky at the same time.

As you are walking toward someone, the black and white lines of this beautiful chiffon cover up will draw attention to you. Depending on how you hold yourself and how you wear it will depend on how it looks. If you allow it to hand further away from your body, the look is more sheer, showing off the true texture of the chiffon. If you push the sleeves up, you get more coverage and it isn’t as sheer.

However, the surprise comes when you walk by and the back is revealed. It's all black on the back and gives a glimpse of your backside. Push it down on one shoulder to get an asymmetrical look, tie it a little at the waist to show off more leg, or even add a belt. You can really control how you look here because the entire chiffon cover up is slightly oversized. Made out of cotton and polyester, you have some give and pull within the fabric so you can create something new each day you wear it.