Bunny Suede Baseball Cap

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Femininity personified, this suede cap is designed for daily wear. It’s perfect for the gym, pool, beach or for just hopping around town in true bunny style. With its pastel color options and baby soft suede, your chances of looking and feeling ultra-cute are 100% in this suede baseball cap.

Featuring an adjustable back with a clawfoot design, this suede hat allows you to personalize your fit without fear of slippage or growth as you wear it. Tighten it up when you want to look sleek, or loosen it for a more casual, just-above-the-eyes look. During the summer months, a looser suede cap allows for airflow while a tighter hat keeps heat in during the winter months. The flat design in the back keeps it in line with the traditional suede baseball cap look. 

Available in blue, baby pink, black, crimson, honeydew, purple, red, and snow, you’ll find the perfect suede cap that will match any outfit. The suede fabric makes it easy to spot clean and extremely comfortable. As you wear it in, you will notice that it gets more and more comfortable.

A classic design in an interesting texture and pattern, use this suede hat to cover up your bad hair days in style – or show off your good ones with this must-have accessory. The athleisure trend shows no signs of going out of style, so make an investment in something you can wear all year long.