Cecilie Bottomless Sandals

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  • Material: Cotton

Going somewhere where you need bare feet but can’t help but think that a pair of shoes would really benefit your outfit? Looking for a pair of bottomless sandals that will leave you technically barefoot but still with something covering the tops of your feet? The Cecilie Crochet Bottomless Sandals will do the trick in either situation. 

You can see quite a bit on these sandals, especially the longer you look. Are they shaped like mermaid tails or fish scales? Is it a flower or a mandala – or both? Depending on how you dress up the rest of your outfit, people will see whatever you want them to see. The center circle adds some more appeal to these bottomless sandals and gives you a little bit of breathing room as well. 

These crocheted sandals offer quite a bit of coverage compared to other bottomless sandals, but that means you get more sun protection, a cooler design, and a unique look that is all your own. Of course, they are also still lightweight and easy to wear. Each pair of these bottomless sandals is made with high quality fibers. These are strong enough to withstand pulling, running, walking near the water, getting a little wet, and even spot treatment for stains. 

Easy to slip on and put back on at will, these bottomless sandals will be your best friends throughout the summer months – so it is a good thing that they come in so many different colors!