Colorista Beach Bag Tote

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  • Main Material: Straw
  • Lining Material: Polyester

Let’s talk about what makes a good beach bag, and why the Colorista Beach Bag Tote is going to be your ultimate beach bag this summer, next summer, and for every summer for the next fifty years.

Space: The key quality of a great beach bag tote is how much space it has. You need to be able to fit everything in there for a day of fun because you can’t just let the stuff sit out – seagulls, nosy neighbors, and grabs will invade it. You also probably don’t want your sandwich covered in sand. The Colorista has a wide mouth and a ton of room to fit whatever you need.

Color: The brighter and more fun a beach bag is, the easier it will be to find when you are running all over the beach. Even more importantly, bags with a lot of colors make it easy to match your swimming suit, cover up, flip flops, sunglasses, and towel to for a complete look. With a bag like the Colorista, you can pack one bag for the entire summer and not have to worry.

Material: Having a straw bag that is soft is key for any beach bag tote. The straw makes it easy to bend and adjust to your body, your items, and the tiny bit of space you’ve allowed for it in the trunk of your car. 

Handles: Some beaches are really long. Having handles that are comfortable and will allow you different ways to carry it is key. The long handles of this bag makes it an obvious choice.