Cutesy Baseball Cap

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  • Material: Cotton,Polyester
  • Pattern Type: Cute Character

Are you always looking to surprise people? Want to follow trends but do it in your own way? Definitely consider getting a cute baseball cap to add to your wardrobe then. These are exactly what they sound like – a collection of different cute baseball caps that have a hidden surprise on the side.

Depending on the color you order, you will get a different little face peeking out of the side of the hat.

The pink hat shows off adorable lashes and freckles with a face that looks like it just might be taking a mid-afternoon nap. The white hat shows off your whimsical side with a smiley face that has an extra-long tongue sticking out the side – he is showing the haters what he really thinks. The brown hat shows off a shocked face and a perfectly groomed mustache – this little guy looks a litter perturbed to be there. The black hat has a smiling skull on it, perfect for a harder look that is still cute. The gray hat has a face that looks to be someone laughing at a great joke.

Each hat is constructed to look like a baseball cap. It has a sliding adjuster in the back so that you can personalize the fit. The seams are tightly fit and the overall look is extremely chic – whether you use it to shield your eyes from the sun or a way to keep your hair back while on a run. 

Show off a little bit of personality with a cute baseball cap.