Flamingo Beach Skirt Wrap

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Feel like the beach goddess you are in the Flamingo Beach Skirt Wrap, even if you are only sitting by the pool. This super sensual beach skirt wrap adds to the appeal of your swimming suit or bikini by covering you up but still allowing you to show some skin. 

At the waist, elastic helps to hold up the wrap so it won’t fall down like some of the older models. You can feel comfortable wearing it for hours at a time without having to tie and retie it all day long. This also allows you to adjust the length of the skirt and where it falls on your body. Move it down if you pair the skirt with heels or wedges or move it up slightly if you want to cover up more.

Designed to be worn to the floor, the lightweight material moves easily and is slit to the top of your thigh, showing off your tan. Add a thigh wrap for something really unexpected and sexy. It is perfect to wear to the beach or even at a poolside party where you want to attract the attention of that special someone across the way. Pair it will heels or gladiators to wear it.

Available in black, green, white, or yellow, choose the color that best compliments your swimming suit and your skin – because you’ll be showing a lot of it when you put this on for the first time. One size fits most for this beach skirt wrap. 

  • Material: Polyester