Follow Your Heart Canvas Beach Bag

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  • Material: Canvas

    It's an important message, and one that you can keep with you wherever you go with this stylish canvas beach bag. You'll love this bag's style, as it's super feminine with vibrant colors combined with a bold heart print on the front. The large heart is made up of several smaller hearts which have been intertwined to form the whole shape, creating a striking textured effect. On the bottom, the words "follow your heart" are written in decorative lettering, a beautiful reminder that you should always go with your instinct and do what you truly love. This attractive look makes this bag not only a winning choice for a day at the beach, but also as an everyday tote. 

    The canvas beach bag is not only attractive, but also functional and low maintenance as well. Canvas is easy to clean and very durable, so your bag will keep its shape and visual appeal through the years. Additionally, this bag has a sizable interior that is both wide and deep, allowing you to keep everything from your wallet to your keys, sunscreen, tablet and other essentials right with you at all times. Long straps allow you to wear the bag over your shoulder for added comfort and convenience.