Hanna Half Frame Sunglasses

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  • Frame Material: Acetate
  • Lens Material: Acrylic

Sometimes taking a trend and flipping it on its head is a great way to venture into fashion comfortably. The Hanna Half Frame Sunglasses allow you to do that. Their look and feel is somehow classic and modern at the same time, but they are a delightful twist on what sunglasses can be.

We can’t all be extremely confident fashionistas, but we can try to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones. That is what these sunglasses aim to do. Half frame sunglasses have been on trend for a few years now. However, these sunglasses take that shape and flip it upside down. The bottom part of the sunglasses has the frame and the top half doesn’t.

It seems odd that more sunglasses aren’t constructed like this. The weight at the bottom is more natural and comfortable for your face and helps to keep the glasses weighted on your face – no more sliding down because they are top heavy. Molded nose pieces keep everything in place, no matter how long you wear them.

The frames themselves are thick and black, making quite the impression when paired with colorful lenses. The frames can either be solid or have a little bit of pattern there, which really takes them to the next level. There is a great little touch of sparkle at the corners of your eyes with a rhinestone placed just right. 

Plus, this will be much easier on our eyebrows and we don’t have to worry about the frames rubbing them off – a win-win situation for everyone.