Infinity Bikini Chain

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  • Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
  • Shape\pattern: Round

Not all of your jewelry has to scream out that you want attention – some of it can be simple and straightforward like our Infinity Bikini Chain. A simple chain with an infinity sign on it, this bikini chain is made to be worn by the girl who wants to add some shimmer to her favorite swimming suit, bikini, dress, or ensemble, but doesn’t want to over shine that outfit with a bikini chain.

We don’t all love to yell and scream all the time, we don’t all always like to be the center of attention. Sometimes, we just like to shimmer and sparkle in our own ways and wait for someone to truly appreciate it. If that is you, it can be difficult to find a bikini chain that doesn’t go out of its way to call attention to you. The Infinity Bikini Chain is different in that it is simple enough to wear at all times and it still feels appropriate. You will be able to have fun on the beach without worrying about messing up this chain. Since it is only one metallic chain, you can really move it up or down as your body and bikini require – making it one of the best bikini chains to wear if you have a wide variety if swimming suit silhouettes in your wardrobe.

The infinity sign is a class symbol that you are open to the possibilities of the world and looking for some fun. The question is, what is going to be infinite for you when you wear this: the beach days, the fun, the second glances, the pick-up lines, the free drinks, or the laughter you have with your friends?