Inyoni Minimalist Earrings

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  • Metal Type: Zinc Alloy
  • Colors: Black, Gold, Silver

When many people think about minimalist earrings, they only imagine a pair of studs. However, some people who like that minimalist look don’t always want to wear studs or can’t wear them at all. If you are one of those people, the Inyoni Minimalist Earrings are absolutely amazing.

The shape of these earrings swoops down from the earring so that they almost touch your shoulders. This will frame your face beautifully and offset almost any haircut. They don’t have the dangling pieces of the gems so that they get stuck in your hair. Even better, the curve follows your face so that you can feel comfortable talking on the phone, wearing a headset, or even wearing a hat.

Available in gold, black, or silver, these minimalist earrings can be part of a beautiful look – whether you need dangle earrings to show off a statement necklace or you just want something simple to finish off an evening look.

Made from zinc alloy, you just have to feed one part of the earrings into your pierced ears and then move it toward the middle. It will stay that way all day thanks to the design of the earrings. Thanks to movement and the fact that air can get to your piercings, they will stay comfortable. Since they are minimalist earrings, they are extremely lightweight as well.

For a pair of minimalist earrings that you can dress up or down as you like, the Inyoni Minimalist Earrings are a great bet.