Lidka Dual Color Mirrored Pilot Sunglasses

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  • Frame Material: Alloy
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate

Fly up, up, and away in these gorgeous pilot sunglasses. The Lidka Dual Color Mirrored Pilot Sunglasses take everything that is great about pilot sunglasses (the size, protection, design, and coverage) and makes them just a little bit more fashionable.

The Lidka sunglasses have an alloy frame that is thin with an adjustable nose bridge and flexible temples for a personalized fit. It is comfortable and easy to wear, great for prolonged use when you are driving (or flying a plane). These lenses are resistant to scratches and allow you to do any of your favorite activities while out in the sun, including look at your phone or read from an eBook.

The unique two-ton design makes these pilot sunglasses just a little more interesting. It changes up the shape of the lens without changing the shape of the sunglasses. Instead, you have more protection from the sun’s rays getting into your glasses from the top or the bottom. You can determine how apparent you want the two-tone styling to be – certain color combinations show it off more than others do. For a softer look, the gold and pink option is great but if you are looking for color blocking, the purple and gold option is fun and funky. There are variations of colors mixed with silver or gold frames.

Find a pair that matches your favorite summer outfit, your swimming suit, your car, or even your hair. The sky is the limit when you put on the Lidka Dual Color Mirrored Pilot Sunglasses.