Love Toe Ring

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  • Metal Type: Zinc Alloy
  • Color: Gold, Silver

You have heard about wearing your heart on your sleeve, right? Well what about wearing it on your toe? Rings and toe rings with words on them are very popular and fun to wear. Show the world that you are looking for love, surrounding yourself with love, are in love, or just want to be around love with this Love Toe Ring.

Written in script, the love looks like it could have been taken from a love letter written years ago, a card from your favorite family member, or written by your own hand. Sure, there are girls that have traditional rings that say love, necklaces that say it, and even bracelets, but few will have a toe ring that spells out love.

The great part about a toe ring is that the back is open so that they will always fit you. The love is firm and keeps its shape, so the word won’t morph. Instead, this adds a great deal of visual interest to your feet. As an added bonus, this toe ring can spice up your sandals, soleless crocheted sandals, and even your traditional flip flops. Don’t worry about being underdressed, because this toe ring will add just the right amount of something.

Wear this toe ring as a surprise for a date, when you are out and about looking for someone to date, or just as a way to remind yourself that you are loved and will always be so. Whatever your reason is, this silver toe ring is a great choice for any jewelry box.