OMG Leg Chain

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  • Held up by an elastic garter at the top
  • Material: Rhinestone
  • Metal Type: Zinc Alloy
  • Length: 55cm

Everyone will be saying “Oh my god!” when they see your OMG Leg Chain. Extremely sexy and unique, add a bit of shine and bling to your thigh with this 55-cm chain. It is a unique and interesting touch for any outfit, including a great pair of shorts, a kicky little dress, or with your swimming suit. This leg chain hugs the curves of your thigh, elongating your leg and drawing the eye there. This particular piece is adjustable, meaning that you can change up the look from outfit to outfit. Pull the chains tighter for a look that goes higher onto your thigh or looser so that the chains hang down toward your knee. 

The tear drop shaped central stone is the focal point of the leg chain and the place from which the silver alloy chains depart. Not only does the stone add visual interest, but it makes the leg chain sturdier and more supported, meaning you can wear it to walk around town, run around on the beach, or even for a long night of dancing. All of our high-quality materials are rust and tarnish resistant, meaning you can feel comfortable bringing them wherever you go. 

The chains themselves are extremely light and won’t slip or move with wear. Even better, the do move slightly when you do so that they stay comfortable when you bend, squat, or sit. The vintage feeling allows them to match with many different types of jewelry.

If you are looking for something that is sexy but not overtly so, the OMG Leg Chain is certainly the way to go.