Pebble Sands Swim Cover Up Dress

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The Pebble Sands Cover Up is a flattering swim cover up dress that shows off the curves of your body while offering protection as you walk to and from the beach. The lace cotton design is strong and sturdy, so you can throw it into your beach bag without having to worry about it. It dries quickly when it gets wet and doesn’t wrinkle. Even better, the shape stays put so that you can play on the beach, wear it on public transportation, or even to the snack bar to chat up that cute boy. This dress looks best with a bikini or a monokini, but works with almost every swimming suit cut. There is some movement in the dress so you can quickly get to where you need to go.

Choose from either black, ivory, or orange, or buy all three so that you can wear a different one each day.

Black is a great option for a black swimming suit if you want to go for the matching look. However, it is also the best option for a white swimming suit or a bright swimming suit because you get the juxtaposition of the two colors. It will allow for a subtle hint of your swimming suit and still keep you covered.

The ivory option shows off your tan and is perfect for darker swimming suits and ivory colored swimming suits. It is lighter and doesn’t absorb the color, making it great for those hot days.

Finally, the orange suit is the perfect accompaniment to your tan and a white, black, or orange suit. If you love colors, pair it with a neon-colored suit.

  • Material: Crochet - cotton