Pira Bohemian Ring Set

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  • Metal Type: Alloy
  • Colors: Turquoise & Silver
  • Adjustable size

You get seven unique and distinct rings in this Pira Bohemian Ring Set. Each one has its own style and symbolism, perfect for girls who love to layer their looks. Even better, you can wear them each individually and still have them be standout pieces – there aren’t any “filler” rings here.

The first ring is a deer head with wide, proud antlers and a turquoise stone detailing in the forehead. You can wear it either facing you or facing away from you for different looks. The next ring is a little simpler and looks like an arrow flying away. Another ring has a triangular structure shape on it and is just a little bit thicker than some of the other rings. 

Another standout piece is the ring with crossed arrows. These are adorably designed with a turquoise stone at the intersection. The final two rings are triangles. One is a single triangle in a turquoise color and the other is two triangles assembled together in the shape of a diamond.
Each ring in this set is designed to be worn on the lower parts of your fingers, but they are different sizes so you can switch some out to be midi rings. The two smaller triangles in particular can be used like midi rings, as shown here. 

Note that these rings do have a distressed look, like the best bohemian ring set should. Still, they are resistant to tarnishing. Not only that, but there is a texturized pattern on the rings that makes them unique and stand out, even amongst other rings.