Raysha Turkish Ring Set

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  • Material: Zinc Alloy

Turkish rings are among some of the most gorgeous and intricate on the market today. These Raysha Turkish Rings have black stones that resemble Onyx, though they aren’t nearly as heavy and will last much longer thanks to their acrylic nature. You can get the rings in gold or silver, each one offering up a distinct look for the details. You can see the details in the metal better on the silver but the gold has a more streamlined look.

Turkish rings often use black stones to represent the fact that a lot of their jewels came from the sea. It was common to find black stones on the shores of the seas and oceans in and around turkey. They believe the stones to be protective, allowing people to move to and fro without having to worry about being attacked. In fact, black or dark stones have been said to protect people from the Evil Eye – which is something you probably don’t want to mess around with too much.

Even more importantly, they use black and dark stones to ward off negativity that is directed towards you. This can be helpful in all kinds of situations, but many Turkish women wear black jewelry when they want to attract romance. 

In this set of Turkish rings, you get a few different styles and looks that can be worn in different ways. Stack them together or wear them separately. If you aren’t interested in a bolder look that day, wear one that has the swirling designs. Each ring is so unique and gorgeous that you are really hitting the jackpot with this Turkish ring set.