Senoas Silver Toe Ring

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What does a good toe ring do? It highlights your feet, stays comfortable all day long, doesn’t slide around too much, and is really cute to look at. The Senoas Silver Toe Ring checks all of those boxes and more. It is a great addition to your jewelry box because it is unique and simple, just like your summer should be.

A silver toe ring is a fun and funky way to accessorize at the beach, on the go, or just when you are lounging at the pool. It allows you to be different and special without wearing something that is too uncomfortable. The ring is designed to mold to your toe so that it both stays on and stays comfortable, no matter how much walking you do. You’ll be able to bend and more it to the shape of your toe, so you can wear it a little lower on your toe or move it up near the top. It comes in a crescent shape so that it will fit almost all toe sizes.

The vine detailing is subtle and dainty, meaning it will match with any other jewelry that you might pair with it. Still, you will be able to notice it since the background has an antiqued look to it.

Many people who wear toe rings leave them on all the time, which is why it is so important to get a high quality silver toe ring that won’t tarnish or leave your toes green.

  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Color: Silver